Friday, September 26, 2014

Lovely limes

There are so many uses for limes. I love them! Especially when they're overripe and turning yellow. More juice, so more deliciousness for me.

Just add water

I stumbled across a wonderful new use for limes though, which I will surely be using over the summer months. A little squeeze in a glass of water, is so refreshing to drink. I was worried about this summer, as its normally when I drink a lot of diet softdrink!

I know, softdrink isn't good, but water doesn't seem to quench my thirst in summer. Just outside my backdoor however, was the answer.

Lovely, lovely limes!

By the way, I've tried this with lemons before, and it was not as refreshing. So if you've never tried it with a lime, give it a go!


  1. I actually don't find lemons refreshing at all. Lemonade makes me very thirsty in actuality. But limes are wonderful! Nice photo too. Made me thirsty;)

    1. I played around with some of the "effects" features on Photobucket. I needed the help because the original image was a little over exposed. But it made me feel thirsty too, so I had to go and have another lime spritz.

      I have found the same with lemons too, only I had to try limes to realise the difference.

  2. I have to agree about water. Sometimes you just get tired of drinking it and still feel thirsty. For "soda" I've been buying fruit juice concentrate and diluting with selzer water instead of plain water. Makes a nice fizzy, no sugar soft drink! Of limes I have to say that Dan prefers lime to lemon in his ice tea. Another thought, have you ever considered water kefir for making lactofermented soft drinks? A bit of a fizzy lime drink for thirst quenching sounds great.

    1. I have thought about water kefir, but worry about the sugar content. I have diabetes, so haven't tried it. Though does the fermentation process consume the sugar in the water?

      I've had kumbucha (which I loved) but I didn't really keep up with its maintenance and the scoby died. When I had the kumbucha, it made me giggle like alcohol makes me - so I was a little worried I over fermented, lol. Even my husband said it made him feel light headed.

      Perhaps it was just all those lactofermented goodies, making our heads spin? I wouldn't mind trying kumbucha again. Have you tried the water kefir? Fizzy lime water sounds delicious!


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