Sunday, September 28, 2014

The right connections

We had this silly little dream, around nine years ago - wow, has it really been that long? It's when we first started looking for land. Move to the country and grow our own food - life would make more sense.

Unfortunately, the romantic notion of changing from supermarket junkies to homegrown heroes, overnight, was somewhat disappointing. There was an incredibly large disconnect from our food and our environment, which wasn't going to be alleviated with mere land. The way we lived every day, had to change.

When I glance briefly back at what we've done, its really looking to connect to things we probably didn't fully understand. Getting into a rhythm that life had to be constantly threatened (our livelihoods, food supply, the weather, etc) really had to become our new normal.

Because only out of the conflict of nature, comes the most amazing diversity. That's the reality of food production. Something has to die, so that something else can live. Ancient civilizations which lasted more than a century, knew that reality well. They kept the rhythm of their landscapes, and only continued living because of that close connection to their environment.

So now, every time a flower blooms in my garden, I get to witness a miracle. When a bee lands on that flower and dances over the pollen, there's a million-year evolution I get to be privy to as well. That makes me feel pretty special. These things have been going on for centuries, and I've only just noticed in a manna (wink) which matters?

There's no real secret to food production, other than learning to dance along with the bees again. Collecting those natural seeds (pollen) and storing them in soil cells around the yard. Then nature can surprise us with what the season brings. Something does eventually bloom and feed us.

Will it be what we expect though?

Part of the course of living here over the past seven years, is coming to terms with changing our expectations. How can we take part in the life on offer, while so worried about the many fates of mankind's future?

The seasons have always been thus, and so we should always dance along with them.

I actually don't expect to have a garden, so I'm surprised when one materializes before my eyes. I knew I took part in it. I knew I didn't fully understand what I was doing either. But here it is, surprising and delighting me.

Maybe I can grow better food in the future, but really, loving what's already here, is the important connection to make. So wherever you live, find something in nature to dance along with too. You'll be surprised at what you notice, afterwards. :)


  1. Likewise. I thought the same. Move to a large property and become self-sufficient. I've been at it twice as long as you have and I'm still not self-sufficient. And now know I never will be. What you've said reminded me of that famous quote (which I can't remember) about the journey being more important than the destination. I'm enjoying that journey and it looks like you are, too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. We always have the journey, don't we. :)

    It's nice to take the time to enjoy it...even if we don't get to the destination we originally planned. I like reading about what you do, where you are, as I know its a shared journey too. Thanks for sharing with me. :)


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