Saturday, January 2, 2016

My confession

Remember when I said, I was a perfectionist with all the details surrounding Christmas? I knew it didn't make me feel good at the time, but I've always accepted that's just how I normally function. So I came up with a list of how to organise Christmas better, for next year.

I like my list and I'm going to try sticking with it, but I also came across something today, which made me question my perfectionist tendencies. Perhaps there is a way to function beyond perfectionism?

I found myself, nodding my head, many times through the slide show. I wanted to share it on my blog, as a reminder to me, but I also thought it might help the inner perfectionists out there, who read my blog too.

I suspect I might be three-quarters perfectionist, so not quite the full barrel of monkeys. How many barrel of monkeys, perfectionist, are you?

Disclaimer: I may not actually be a perfectionist, or neither, you. As standards can be relative among individuals. End disclaimer, and pass a banana over, will you?


  1. I'm still reading through the perfectionist slideshow, but I'm loving it. I used to drive myself mad with my perfectionism in the past. I probably knew it was over the top even then, but couldn't change. It's better as I've grown older. You will find that too; finding it already probably, or you wouldn't have posted that thought-provoking slideshow. I've bookmarked that post and will use it to watch the slideshow whenever I think things are getting out of control. ;-)

    (I tipped you were a perfectionist by the way you approach your artwork! Mind you, a little bit of perfectionism is OK! I do admire it in other people.)

  2. Glad you like it, and its easy to read. I never thought it was something which could change either. But then little cues enter the picture, and you start to question more and more.

    Interesting point about my art, and its funny you should notice it too. It was getting back into art recently, which cued me into the fact, I struggled to let go of details and trust the bigger picture.

    Finding this slideshow, was like reading the memoir of my mind. Rather than being a flaw though, its just a different way of thinking. The aim to think beyond it though. ;)

  3. That was a very good presentation. I'll be sharing it with my kids as they knherited the tendency through both their parents. Its a good issue to take on.

    1. I can definitely see where this stems through our family too. Not just my kids, but my parents and theirs. Didn't see it then, but I see it now. Rather than lament it though, its time to address the dialogue behind the behaviours. Maybe that conversation "can" can. :)


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