Friday, October 5, 2018

In the timing

Perhaps the title of this post, should read: "Just get it done, already!" For I've been dragging my tail on a few pertinent jobs. I kind of blamed it on the lack of rain, but maybe I was just finding a reason to procrastinate. Maybe drought induced procrastination? The kind you get, when almost everything hinges on that next downpour. You hold your breath, when it's all on pause, and then...

Drum-roll, please

Exhale...because it rains!! Yes, that elusive wet stuff has visited our landscape, once again. And they're predicting more for the week. What this timing suddenly brings into focus, however, is what the heck you were doing, in the dry. Like, did you clean the gutters so they wouldn't overflow - or install new rainwater catchment to take advantage of the wet? In my case - did I fix the skylight that fell down from the garden shed?

It fell down, twice. I put it back up, TWICE - knowing full well, I should replace the adhesive tape, after nine years of service. Nothing like rain leaking into your garden shed, to bring it all back into focus. I hurried like the repentant procrastinator, I was, and got it fixed before lunch.

Peekaboo, I see you!

I have some friends, who are pretty happy with the rain arriving too. Mama Roo and Joey, were both looking for the tender greens which emerge, surprisingly quickly, after the rain. My potted silverbeet, has responded well too.

It's all in the timing, no? I often observe the natural sequences, which come into play, after rain events. Everything hurries to push itself out of the ground! But I'm observing now, how exactly, it kicks my butt into gear as well. 


  1. Ha ha Chris, you got caught out. It has been nice so far although we have only received light rain but any rain is welcome of course even if the weeds multiply overnight. I think there might be more rain tonight so hopefully that is the case and I hope the farmers are getting some too.

  2. Rain lovely rain, I hope you get enough to fill your storage and kick start your plot to grow again.

  3. So glad you've had rain. Even if it is a butt kicker!! Meg

  4. I responded last night on my phone but it clearly went AWOL - So happy you have had some rain!

    I had a chuckle at you being caught out, sounds like the kind of stuff we do. Procrastinate, procrastinate then - oh bugger! LOL


  5. So happy for you that you got some rain. We have had good winter rains here but things are drying out now and I'm having to water....even the wicking boxes. Lovely photo of Mum and Joey!

  6. Hi Chris, gorgeous photos of the roos and I'm doing a happy rain dance for you. Hope you get some more follow up rain to keep that grass growing and revive your garden plants and trees. XX

  7. I laughed when I read "repentant procrastinator" - that is my whole life summarised in one phrase! LOL

    I'm super happy about the rain you are getting. We have got a month's worth in three days here at Lake Macquarie

    1. I suppose we all have our moments, of getting our butts kicked by reality, LOL.

  8. Thanks everyone for cheering us on - gotta love that rain!! It sounds like all those inland farmers, got a welcome drink as well. Perhaps they're now able to get their crops and/or livestock started again. I hope so. I'm making plans for a small edible garden, as well. :)

  9. yay for rain!
    I'm a habitual procrastinator so can totally relate...sometimes we just need a deadline (or our butts kicked into gear!!)


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