Thursday, November 22, 2018

Devloping delights

Strawberry season is gone, the mulberry is half way through producing, and I thought I would share a few more fruiting delights, currently in production.

A promise of something...but what?

I think this is a Loganberry flower. Or a youngberry. It's a thornless bramble berry, nonetheless. Once it ripens, I can tell for sure!

Hanging in there

Another pineapple, is emerging from the crown. This fellow needs a good feed, because red leaves on a pineapple, is an indication they're starving. I will have to spray the plant with a bit of seaweed solution, and Epsom salts.

Several clusters

The Pink Thai, cherry tomatoes grown in my container, kitchen garden, are coming along nicely. No splitting and no signs of disease, of yet. These are the biggest I've seen these cherry tomatoes grow!

 Tiny but spicy

Hot Tabasco peppers are emerging, and will be ready to make my delicious Chilli jam, in the new year I hope. If prolific enough, I'll have some to dry as well. This particular plant, is in it's second year of production. I'm impressed by how little water it requires, to bear a lot of fruit.

So many

The Tahitian Lime was absolutely hammered by the dry spell, a few months earlier. But is now bursting with fruit again. As are the rest of our citrus trees.

For the size of my garden, I don't have much in production at the moment, but I'm still looking forward to tasting it all. I'm expecting new plants to arrive in the mail soon. Who knows if they will live to make it to the blog, lol?

Right now though, my garden is enjoying a slow soaking rain, which has set in today.


  1. Amazing how plants that get hammered come back so vigorously. My lime has done the same thing.

    The rain is lovely. We've had a lot here, too, 3 inches so far this month (the average is a little over 2 inches). Two dumps of an inch each, yesterday and the day before and today the sun is shining on glistening water droplets. I'm out there, planting like mad!

    1. Those limes are tough, aren't they! Are you referring to the regular (round) lime, at your place, or the finger limes? You have both, as I recall. I just purchased a finger lime and eager to see how it goes. Any tips with the finger lime?

      Awesome that you've gotten all that rain, before the heat of summer. I'd be planting like mad too!!

  2. I love the early growing season, so much promise.

    1. Your winters are a lot harsher than ours, so I imagine there's a lot of therapy to be had in the new growing season. Sunshine and frolicking, after being shut indoors for months, would be heaven! We're fortunate that we can still go outdoors during winter. It's actually quite pleasant. Summer is more our, inside time in Australia. Too blooming hot, lol.

  3. Everything looks good so far! I'm about ready to give up on my Meyer lemon. I love citrus but I only get one lemon cream pie per year, so I don't think I'm doing it justice. Always nice to see plants that thrive even in tough circumstances. With a lot going on it's sometimes hard to keep everything going, so survivors are a blessing.

    1. It's tough letting plants go, Leigh. I can sympathise, because while mulberry has managed to dig in and survive, my two pears are about to get the boot. They haven't fruited (ever) because we don't get enough chill hours. I'm debating whether I should relocate them, lower down the gully, where all the cold air accumulates. But the problem is managing all the suckers they seem to throw. Decisions, decisions???

  4. Its been raining a lot here too, the season is somewhat confused. Even hailing! Very odd. And I agree, even having a small amount to harvest is a lovely thing.


    1. Hasn't the weather been strange though! It hasn't hailed here yet, but I've seen the hail-clouds on the outskirts and felt the cold-air blow towards us. Glad you're getting the rain too. Great for your garden and resale value on your cottage. :)


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