Monday, October 7, 2019

A Kings' blessing

Stranger things...

Life is nothing, but strange at times. When I decided to bring some of the outdoors, inside recently, I was specifically talking about plants. Like this new fern arrangemeent, underneath the living room window. A female King parrot, surprised me the other morning, as she was keenly admiring my handiwork. Was she attempting to blend-in with the greenery?

I merely stashed this plant here, amongst my son's toys, until I found a more permanent home. David made a joke, when he first saw it..."hey look, it's already attracted a Bumble-bee," lol. Well, now it's attracted a King parrot. Can my new interest, amass any stranger sight?

"Hunny, will you stop window shopping..."

Her boyfriend wasn't having a bar of it though. He was perfectly happy on the pavement. These wonderful native birds, have often claimed parts of our yard as their own. The pigeon pea trees. The bird bath. Sunflowers, when I was able to grow them. Now I think they're snitching my strawberries and chillies, from the kitchen garden. So it's any wonder they associate our house, to good things! 

Unfortunately, Mrs King Parrot had to leave empty handed, this time. It was for display purposes, only. I'm flattered by her interest in my new undertaking though.


  1. Interesting! I wonder if she was wondering why plants were inside! I remember once a long time ago, we were sitting in the living room and suddenly a little 'possum face peered in. It was just a youngin, probably just curious. :)

    1. Cute story about the possum. Defnitely a curious parrot too. But curious about plants, specifically. As the whole front of our house has windows. She chose this one (I think) because of the plant, lol. We'll soon see. As I'm planning to add more.

  2. What a great photo, Chris! Yes the birds are definitely eating my strawberries but I guess there isn't all that much food around for them in this weather. I hope you are coping with the heatwave. Thankfully it will be finished after tomorrow....for a while anyway.

    1. Yes, food is a real problem for the wildlife, at present. But they were hitting me up, long before food got scarce, lol. Cheeky monkeys! I love them though, and can't be mad at them. :)

      Yes, today is the last day of this heat, thank goodness. I was in Toowoomba this morning, and it was much cooler than down our way. About five degrees difference. It was 30 degrees C, at 8.30am. Then 40 degrees at 11.30am, when I got home. Thank goodness the evening are cooler though.

  3. Inquisitive birds you have there, and so pretty too!

    Parrots always steal our fruit, and they think their pretty looks makes it okay lol! I'm afraid there is not much fruit for them to steal this year, things are pretty sad here too.

    Hope the heat has eased off for you. We had a couple of days in the forties last Friday and Saturday. A bit early for such temperatures. The nights have been quite cold since then, the weather cant seem to make up its mind!

    1. Yes, the lack of rain has caused our mulberry not to fruit much either. I mean, they're on the tree, but they're not growing. About the size of a fingernail, they turn red and they're really inedible. So I sympathise with your predicament. We can only hope for more rain.

      Our weather happened, just as yours evolved Tania. Two, freakishly hot days, then back to really low temperatures. Which was such a relief in the evenings, to be able to throw open the windows and have the temp drop rapidly inside. As far as heatwaves go, this one was extremely forgiving. Thank goodness. It's great to hear, your weather settled back to normal as well. :)

      Actually, I can hear the rain on the roof, as I'm typing this reply. So very happy about that!


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