Friday, April 25, 2008

Chook tractor

There were a few brick pallets left over from when the house was built. I always intended to recycle them, so I decided to make a chook tractor recently . No chooks as yet, but we're making accomodations nonetheless.

Before I go any further however, I should show you the "Mark I" version of my chook tractor.

While I love the fact it won't rot, get eaten by termites or pushed over in a hurry, being metal it also limits my ability to work with it somewhat. Now I'm not ashamed to admit that metalwork intimidates me, but since the frame came into my possession I decided to see what could be constructed. But the weldmesh holes were too large for snakes, rats and mice to gain access. I wasn't confident this sturdy structure would ultimately protect the chooks.

So then on to chook tractor "Mark II".

As the tractor measures 1.8m in length I needed to find a way to join the smaller lengths of pallet wood. Here's what I came up with. I also managed to cut my finger with the saw doing these tricky notches.

A few bandaids later, this was the successful join. I intend putting a longer piece of wood over this one for the carry handle of the tractor - so it will brace the join nicely. But I haven't gotten that far yet.

After many hours of work I finally made something recognisable! While it looks like the base at the moment, it's actually the next level up, but I'm working backwards. Makes it easier to do some of the joins that way.

Speaking of which, I should be outside doing more of them!


Measurements: 1.8 metres long x 1 metre wide
Materials: 2x4 pallet wood, metal brackets, wood screws, bolts, nuts & washers.
Tools: Power drill, recessor & drill bits, wrench, angle, pencil, tape measure, screwdriver & saw


  1. Mark 1 looked ok :) but yeah I prefer wood too, Pete is the metalworker!

  2. Pete does a good job of making your metal chicken tractors. I don't even own a mig welder. ;)

    An angle grinder and a pair of tin snips, is my speciality but it does have its limits!


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