Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Last mega wall

Oh baby! What a week or two. We've commited all our spare time to finishing this last wall. Where do I start?

Here is the first course. No photos prior to this stage as it was back-breaking work!

Finally, the second course on a very long wall. Don't the photos make it look sooo easy?

Third and fourth courses being dug into the slope. Backfilling essential! Pass the suncreen please, it gunna be another long day.

And up she goes to the sixth course and still one more to go!! Oh my back aches...and here's why-

Seven courses high, plus the capping stones. All comes in under the 1 metre mark for Council regulations. Oh yes, and that's the garden shed slab in the background but that's for another post!

Here's a sweeping view of the prospective mini and mega walls together. We're also starting to flatten out the top. The hardscaping has changed the look dramatically, and made the space more user friendly.

Another view of where the shed will be in connection to the upper and lower walls.

An even better shot of the upper and lower walls together. Here the solar lights are positioned on the bottom wall - the shed pad to the left and our mega wall on top. Yes, there is even another tier above that which we're thinking of planting out with natives - rather than retaining. And finally...

Here is a teaser for the future stairs. The steps will be formed by more windsor bricks, only they will be the same colour as the capping stones - with matching paver treads. But that's another DIY project in future. The shed goes up next!


  1. So with the excavating - was that done by hand or excavator?


  2. Hi Andrew.

    The only mechanical help we had on site was from Hanson, who delivered the pallets of bricks.

    Sloping sites always present the problem of access. Even when you can get something delivered on site, there is always another level it has to travel up or down.

    So yes, everything was done by hand. We used a couple of mattocks, a shovel and spade, plus our beloved metal rake. Our builders barrow moved all the dirt for the fill sides.

    That's why this project has taken us 5 to 6 months in total. We would've spent 1 to 2 months on hand excavation alone - including the removal of several sappling gums. Mind you, it hasn't been a full time job either. Mostly done for a few hours in the afternoons and on weekends.

    Hiring contrators, while it would've been quicker, we wouldn't get a feel for the overall design. Because once you personally get down into the dirt - travesing it with manual equipment daily; only then can you formulate the best use of the land.

    The sacrifice is that it takes longer. But its a great way to keep active and have something to do in your spare time.


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