Saturday, April 26, 2008

More chook tractor

Back to construction and a bit more recycling. I made handles from the 1x4 pine formwork, which previously helped to lay the garden shed pad. Came in handy the second time around too!

Here is where I marked the handles to be cut.

And the finished handle with off-cut to the right. I used the off-cut as a template for the rest of the ends. I chose to taper the ends so it wouldn't seriously injur a person, should they accidently walk into it. I also think it makes it look better!

This is the finished handles laid against the frame. Remember I'm working backwards and this will all make sense once I reverse the position.

And here's one I prepared earlier. Just kidding! After I attached the handles with bolts, and fixed the support braces I was able to turn it upright. This is just to make more sense of what I'm doing. Yes, it even helps me to see what I'm doing as I go!

And the above view to see what the inside will look like. I still need to construct the lower frame to attach to this lot. They will be made from whole pieces of 2x4's I purchased from the Hardware store. So it's part recycled, part new materials.

Actually, I hunted around for untreated 2x4's to make the bottom frame, but to no avail. I had to get the treated variety which I was hoping to avoid. Tomorrow I will make up the base and fix it to the run. It's coming together a bit better now but I'm still trying to figure out how to construct the A-frame on top. I failed geometry so at the moment I'm a little stuck.

Won't stop me from getting this first bit finished though. I plan to paint it and fix the snake mesh before attaching the A-frame on top. I just don't fancy doing yoga while trying to hammer those u-nails in to secure the netting inside.

Get this lot finished first, then onto the A-frame!


Additional materials: 1x4 rough sawn pine, more brackets, screws nuts, bolts & washers.

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