Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Almost finished upgrade

Well I'm getting close to finishing the new layout for the blog. Thanks for the comments. The picture in the header is our first successful crop of bottle gourds, drying in the sun. We did get a second flush of growth on the same vines, but there weren't as many or as large.

I wanted to put this post up however to give people the opportunity to report anything which isn't working on the new layout. I went through the tedious process of fixing the codes in every post, so the formatting remained consistent. If you bring up a post and the formatting is inconsistent though, you can let me know by leaving a comment on this post.

I haven't put up a button to access our profile yet, but that will be coming later.

One final issue I have to fix is the title of my blog. You may have noticed on any emails sent to notify you of a new post, it has a [.] instead of "Bushland Project". There is a reason for that and it's basically to stop the blog merging into the header image. I'm scouring the internet for a solution. There is one, I just have to find it!

Now onto the update of my new chicken coop...

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