Sunday, May 31, 2009

Organisation - or not?

I'm really struggling with organising my life at the moment. Well, not just my life, but that of my husband's and daughter's too. We've had a lot of changes recently, so just when we settle into one routine it gets shelved to adapt to the NEW changes.

The wonderful job my husband obtained recently (giving him weekends and public holidays off) lasted all of a month before he was given the golden handshake. Rather than sift through all the entrails of that experience though, let's just say Dave was given the cut to save the job of the manager above him. We were told as much - off the record of course.

So now we're back to hospitality hours again. He's working nights but at least he's working. Another job came just as quickly, but there is uncertainty around this position as well. Remarkably, I'm not panicked. We have put some savings aside for just such an eventuality. It means the wood heater probably gets shelved for another winter but at least we have the money to pay the mortgage.

"...don't put all your eggs in one basket"

This period in our life is teaching us diversity I suppose. But I struggle with organisation at the best of times. A fact life doesn't stop reminding me at present. What can you do when nothing seems stable?

One important decision I've made recently is putting a hold on my plans for building another chicken coop. Instead I'm going to reduce my numbers of chickens and focus on what we can afford. I'm fortunate to have two coops in operation, so no "poor me" stories to tell here. I can continue my plans for expansion later, but right now is not the time.

We are also going through the storage areas in our house and getting rid of stuff we don't use any more. If struggling with organisation is my problem, then I can practice with things I can effect. Like books, clothes and gadgets no longer used. Letting the excess "things" go, is an incredibly cleansing experience. I feel like I've achieved something and the family has the opportunity to connect too. We go through our accumulated stuff together and spur each other on. It's great.

The next challenge is to go through our insurance, utilities and service companies to find a better deal. Then there is the menu planning to reduce our grocery bills. I guess the biggest hurdle for me though is changing my state of mind. Organisation isn't second nature to me. I'm a bit of an artist, grabbing inspiration from here and there - I hate boundaries. Perhaps "hate" is a strong word to use? I don't respond easily to boundaries.

Can I learn to be inspired by organisation instead? Does anyone else struggle with this state of mind?


  1. Chris, your family certainly is having many ups and downs at the moment. I hope it calms down for you soon.
    It takes alot to change your way of life to live simplier or with less. After several years of it I am still finding myself lasping into old habits of spending and that desire of wanting, new stuff.

    Hang in there and I hope for you all it will be smooth sailing soon.

  2. Thanks Emily, I'm sure we're destined for calmer waters eventually. The rough patches come first though.

    Glad I'm not the only one who struggles with defeating old habits. There's probably a lot more changing for me to do. :)


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