Saturday, May 16, 2009

Living where you are

I haven't gone into much detail of our lives before coming here, but we use to live on a suburban block in Toowoomba - which is a small city in Queensland. We experienced some wonderful memories in our house too. It's where we got our first taste of home ownership and also where our daughter came into the world. Those days were good while they lasted.

Fast forward and we're now living on a semi-rural property, near the same city. It's taken us two years to really make a difference to the place - and we still have much to do.

But it really gets you thinking about where you live and more importantly, how you live. I can say good things about both places we've had - and some bad - but why does "location" seem to influence how we look at things in our lives? Could you easily let go of all your hard work and move somewhere else?

If you're wondering why I'm dwelling on such thoughts, I've had to consider the idea of selling our Bushland Project in recent times. Not because I want to, but simply because circumstances could dictate as such in future. Although we own most of our property, there's still a considerable mortgage for a family on one income to pay off. You watch what's happening to the wider Australian economy too, and you're forced into thinking about the unthinkable.

But let's not dwell on the negative, and focus solely on the positive. I've come to realise that living in suburbia and living in the country has many similarities - they involve a home, a family, a garden, perhaps pets or even small livestock like chickens? In the past I think I've made the mistake of believing life would change if we moved to the country. The truth is I could've changed at any time, regardless of where I lived. You just have to know what you want to change in to.

Our family is changing as we speak, and while a lot of it has to do with where we live - it's not like we wouldn't be going through this metamorphosis if we lived in suburbia too. The changing economy is changing the wider community. It may force some into selling or even (God forbid) losing their houses. But that doesn't mean what you end up with afterwards is any less than you had before.

You still have the important stuff, like your dreams and your family and friends. These things don't die just because we have to let some other things go.

Living where you are is being who you are...and no-one else can take your place in this world. I'm going through the process of counting my blessings, so that whatever changes come our way in future, we'll remember who we are...a family, a household and a contributor to society wherever we are.

What are your blessings?

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