Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pygmy grass propagation

I only bought two pygmy grasses to begin with. They both grew to full size. One I divided last year to give to my mum. This year I divided the remainder.

Out of two plants I ended up with five in all. Here are some around the rainwater tank:

Propagating plants can be very economical, and dividing grass is the easiest task you can perform in the garden. All you need is a fork and sharp spade. Once you dig the plant out of the ground, you can divide it with the spade. I always have the fork handy, to skewer through the middle of the clump. The prongs go all the way into the ground and act as a holding device, as you cut it with the spade.

I also soak the root ball in a fish emulsion tea for at least 10 minutes, before planting back in the ground. It helps the poor plant recover from the stress of division. I cut all the foliage off before replanting too. It will resprout new leaves quicker.

I particularly like the pygmy grass (Pennisetum macrostachyum rubrum compacta) because it's seed heads are sterile, and it has a beautiful burgundy foliage in the garden. It's one of the hardiest plants I've ever encountered too!


  1. Looks fab, the grass blends in well with the surrounding grass.
    Your doing a fantastic job!

  2. Thanks. I love standing back and admiring how much of the hard work the plants do too. :)

  3. wow Chris you have been very busy, its all looking great. i really like gresses as well esp when they are in seed :o)


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