Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Making inroads

Or should that be making out-roads? Either way it's still a footpath! This is what we began with:

These were give-away pavers which traveled from our last rental, to our new home. I merely put them down in the clay, to give us something to walk on during the wet. It's the footpath to the clothes line. If you've ever tried to make a mad dash to get the washing off, in the rain - you know how priceless a sturdy footpath is!!

But I needed to borrow a few of these pavers to finish around the chicken coop, and it gave me a wonderful excuse to upgrade the footpath. It took me a good hour to pull them up and clean them off again - by then, Dave had returned home and helped dig the new footpath in.

We decided to use the pavers as inserts and a frame for the deco (crushed rock) which would form most of the footpath. The trick with deco is to wet it after you've compressed it, so it can set like rock again. It took us two afternoons and I was praying the rain wouldn't come halfway through the project.

It rained 2 hours after we finished! How close and perfectly timed was that? Anyway, here is the footpath when the afternoon storm passed:

We're going to wait a few days before we walk on it again, as it will retain the shape of the flat surface once it dries properly.

Total cost for this project was $12 for the deco. Amazing what you can do with free pavers, rock and some divine intervention.


  1. Oh wow Chris that path looks brillant!

  2. It does the job and we had fun doing it too. That's the main thing!

    From the many paths you have built lately, I'll take your "wow" as high praise indeed. :)



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