Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Potting around

One thing puts me off the most when it comes to doing repetitious work, and that's not having an organised area to do it in. And believe it or not - this is organised:

I was very fortunate to be given this plastic potting trolley by my mum. It may be old but it still has plenty of valuable benefits to offer a keen gardener. It has a glorious tray I can mix my potting medium in, and a grate so when I put soil into the pots, it catches what doesn't make it in. I have little holes for my hand spades to sit, and other trays for garden ties, labels, etc.

While it does look rather messy around it at the moment, I've only just recently set it up. The milk crates are holding my plastic pots, and on top of the trolley is the tub where I've just planted my first batch of seeds.

I've planted sunflowers, borage, bottle gourds, tomato brandywine, greek oregano, pigeon pea and the greenery you see is a herb I'm attempting to propagate.

I have a special place intended for my pigeon peas to be planted out, and accessible for the chooks too, which is the main reason for having them. Pigeon Pea have a high protein content, so are good for feed. In the spirit of permaculture too, they will be used for another purpose in the garden - which I'll shared in the next post.

EDITED TO ADD: I should have mentioned this in my post, but my seedling tub was inspired by a lovely local lady, here:

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