Friday, October 3, 2008

Mr Sheen 2

You may recall we lost our black rooster just over a month ago to ill health. We affectionately called him "Mr Sheen", because he was a shiny black colour like his girlfriends. The name has stuck for our daughter however, so we decided to call our new rooster, Mr Sheen, too.

He isn't a black pekin rooster, but a gorgeous, splash pekin rooster instead.

He's had a few issues adjusting to flock life, as he was previously a show bird kept in isolation most of the time.

I think the girls are showing him a thing or two about going walkabout! He's finally ventured from the coop, following the girls wherever they go. He's also a little more relaxed around them now - not pecking so much. I can only hope his temperament keeps improving.

Boy he can crow though! He likes to call back to the neighbours' rooster over the hill.

Because he's a splash rooster and my hens are black, in theory at least, we should have 100% blue babies. I haven't seen much action in that department though. I'm hoping he just needs a bit more time getting use to his new, ahem...duties.

I'd love to have a bunch of fluffy blue pekins, running around the place!


  1. he is a handsome looking fellow, i am sure he will attend to his duties once he is relaxed & settled in :O)

  2. One handsome boy you have there ppl!

    Hope hes handsome and reasonably quiet lol


  3. Thanks. He is settling in better each day, but he still needs more work on his socialising skills. I think I understand why ex-battery hens are so difficult to re-program. Being in a show pen so long I think Mr Sheen just needs a lot of TLC.

    I have to say Molly, I love the sound of a rooster crowing and thankfully he doesn't start any sooner than 5.30am. I occasionally hear the rooster over the hill go at 4.30am, but I only hear it if I'm in the main part of the house.

    I'm going to try incubating some eggs soon I hope, so we'll see how well Mr Sheen "really" knows the girls.

  4. Wolf whistles what a sexy rooster.

  5. The girls seem to think so too!

    I should hear back from the lady incubating their eggs, on the weekend. She will let me know if his "wow" factor has any punch!

    Got my fingers crossed that some are fertile.


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