Wednesday, October 22, 2008

In the mood for paving

If you're wondering where I've been the past few weeks, you'll understand soon enough. The footpath was our most recent project, but now I'll have to share the paving fever that has sprung-up in the most unlikely of places.

What about around the chicken coop?

That's wormwood and Italian Lavender in the lower shot, in case you were wondering.

Are we mad or what? I guess we are a bit, but our projects tend to be an amalgamation of old and new - and always with a practical twist. I wanted the pavers to stop predators digging underneath; including the mice which are a real pest at the moment. While they can't dig on the paved sides, the other two sides are exposed and I'm not happy!

I've decided to put sheets of iron around the chook run, to stop anything digging underneath too. What run did you say?

It's only just started and will probably take a few weeks more to finish. So watch out mice, your time is numbered. No-more freebies from the chook feeder for you!!


  1. Again I must say Wow Chris.
    Your place is coming along brillantly!
    I agree vermin and birds are a big issue in hen houses.
    It is all looking very swish now.

  2. Thanks again. Those vermin do worry me though and why I go to such lengths to keep them out.

    Hopefully we'll win the war!


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