Friday, July 31, 2015

If I could turn back time

So a couple of days ago, it was my birthday. Two decades, plus one! Is it just me, or do the cakes get smaller, the older you get?

Well, that's probably a good thing too!

If I could turn back time, I would stay to myself - be exactly who you are. You're a plodder and a dreamer - you've tried being other things but it never stuck. You'll move a few mountains of dirt, you'll live 26 years with diabetes and have those two children, you never thought you could. Not to mention, the guy who you thought would never find you attractive, will want to hug you every day and fall into bed, right next to you, every night.

The cakes might get smaller, but my appetite for living, will only increase with age.

If you could turn back time, what would you say to yourself, to address any fears you might have had back then?


  1. Well.... Happy Birthday for 2 days ago! Small cakes notwithstanding. ;-)

    If I could turn the clock back? I had no fears back then. There was no threat of financial crash; no peak oil; no climate change. These are all my fears now. I didn't realise how good life was back then.

  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes. :) I didn't mind the small cake, because it meant I could stop at one piece, lol.

    I'm the generation that saw the rise of what would later become known as peak oil - my adolescence was late 80's to early 90's. Those were some high polluting times. Although we were taught it was just progress, and a good thing for society. Now its a different story.

  3. Happy Birthday Chris Our lives just have a way of unfolding, don't they. I could never have predicted the way mine would go! I'm busier now at the wrong end of my forties than I've ever been. With three extra children I didn't realise I would have. Living on a farm I never set out to run. Life brought me here without me realising what was happening. And it's good. A life of substance. I wonder what's in store for you in the next decade?!

  4. They sure do unfold! Gosh, I hope in the next decade, I'll be better at growing things, lol.

    Most of the best things that happen to us though, are the things we never planned for. They stretch us, don't they. ;)

  5. Happy Birthday again! Good advise! And I think that the cakes may have gotten smaller but the cream on top seems to be getting fluffier:)

  6. I think you're right about that! Fluffy icing. This was merengue. Lovely, light and tasty! ;)

  7. Happy Birthday Chris, hope you had a great day :o)
    Dont know that i had any fears when i was younger or maybe i have forgotten them along the way. you can only be who you are and if someone has a problem with it then its their problem not yours. Life is an adventure and i think it gets better the older you get.

    1. Thanks Nicole. :)

      The older I get, the more I've come to appreciate we should be considerate of others, but we don't have to live through their approvals process either. Took me a while to figure that out though, lol. Sounds like you got a good head start. :)


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