Monday, July 13, 2015

Weekend projects inside

Technically, this project was done outside (for safety reasons) but because it lives inside the house the rest of the time, I'm categorizing this weekend project for, "inside".

Inside is where I have been spending a lot of my time recently, looking after our littlest, which I only realised after the rash appeared, had the measles. By the time I started my weekend project though, he was well on the mend.

This was the project I was going to start last weekend, but got sidetracked by rats. See if you can figure what it is, by these clues...

Note the wooden piece, near the red clamp

First, I gathered the tools I would need and put them on my outside table. It's not a pretty table, but its for outside, and comes in handy for such projects as these.

2 x 5kg

Then I raided my husband's barbells for 10 kilos of weights. I will be borrowing these for at least 3 weeks!


Then it was time for the wooden jigsaw puzzle, which I had been promising for at least 3 Christmas's (possibly even 5) that I was going to fix before guests arrived. I will finally tackle this project, by Christmas 2015!

Missing piece

There were some pieces which had broken off, which shouldn't have, because I didn't act hastily enough with this project. I kept the little piece (above image, near red clamp) for years, hoping one day, I would put it all back together again.

3 x clamps, plus 1 rope tourniquet

Yes, its a chair! And I've only got 5 more to go. Because I'm using Epoxy glue (strong stuff) I have to wait 4 days for the glue to cure to its maximum strength, before any of the clamps can be removed. I figure that will let me do two chairs a week. 

The weights are to add pressure to the joints, as if a person were sitting on it. I was told this helps set the chair more evenly. Ten kilos isn't much weight compared to a person, but it was better than nothing. Besides, I didn't want to deprive my beloved of too much weight, from his training sessions.

While it will take longer than a weekend to finish this project, I can complete a chair in a few hours - taking my time. So it's easy enough to fit into a weekend, over several weeks.


  1. Well done! And you're right that its a good project to do a little here and a little there. Good idea about the weights in the seat. They should be sturdy for a long time.

    1. Thanks Leigh. If I had more clamps I could do more chairs at a time, but such is life on a budget, lol. ;)

  2. Nice chairs and what a great job! It must of been awful having to deal with the measles though!

    1. Thanks Linda. It turned out well in the end. I brought it inside yesterday, and its no longer pulling apart at the seams.

      Surprisingly, I didn't realise he even had the measles. I was wondering what was going on with his temps, red eyes and general grumpiness - more so than he's ever been with teething. Then when I saw the spots appear, it all began to make sense. It wasn't that bad (health wise) but it was just the mummy cuddles he wanted all the time, lol. I wasn't allowed to leave him for long, before he'd find me and want to curl up on my lap again.

    2. Well I'm glad that everything turned out okay. I remember all of my cousins had measles but I never caught it-I guess my mom made sure I was immunized. I was the "entertainment" sent over to cheer up the relatives as I recall. They didn't look like they were having fun.

  3. He had a couple of days where he wasn't happy, and I gave him baby panadol to help bring down his fever. I also used a lot of cold washers placed on his forehead. I was waiting for the flu to hit him, but he only got the occasional runny nose. When it passed, I thought that was weird as I'd never encountered anything like it. Then the spots appeared!

    By then, he was back to his regular happy self. :)

    We were sure to keep him quarantined, which he wasn't happy about - because dad was leaving in the car, a lot more without him! Playgroup was out though, so was shopping and church, which he'd been attending with his dad - where we suspect he contracted it from originally too.


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