Monday, December 17, 2007

First tomatoes

I'm so proud this morning when I picked ripe tomatoes straight off the bush and ate them. They were still warm from the sun, and boy did they ever taste good!

I planted quite a few tomato bushes but these are the only edible ones so far. Many got eaten out by pests before they made it to the table. But at least I can say I've tasted home grown tomatoes in the end!

I don't have a proper vegie patch yet so planted out an old wheelbarrow we don't use any more, and a few terracotta pots. I've had a few strawberries which tasted nice but were so scrawny. I also have some butternut pumpkins which have sprawled into the long grass, so I can't see if they're producing anything yet.

I hope they do, because home grown vegies taste awesome!

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