Sunday, December 16, 2007

The land

Our dream really started over two years ago, when a friend emailed a picture of land for sale in her area. This is the very same picture from the website:

It was the right size, the right price and located close to a rural city.

Had we waded through the high grass during our first inspection, we'd have noticed how steep the land really was and also the three gullies criss-crossing through the block. Still, the soil test was good and it was the right price for somewhere so close to the city we were living. In a way I'm glad we didn't scrutinise it more, or we may not have ventured to live the dream.

Fast forward two-years later and we're now residing on the block!

Overall, we intend keeping most of the block "natural" and developing about an acre for ourselves. The other four acres will go towards sustaining the wildlife who were already here.

We've seen so many frogs since the rains arrived - especially baby green tree frogs and a brownish one that burrows under the moist soil. Other residents include wallabies, native quails, lizards (including goannas) gorgeous red-breasted wrens, all manner of finches and even a hawk!

By far the insects are the most prevalent than anything else though. I've counted at least three varieties of ants so far and about four different kinds of hornets and/or wasps. Don't forget the cicadas, stick insects, grasshoppers, lady-beattles, spiders, aphids, bees and so much more!!

It's all part of the same eco system though and we're lucky to be able to see it up close.


  1. Amazing. My wife and I are hoping to build a sustainable, self-sufficient home in British Columbia, and I'm going to read the hell out of your blog tonight.

    We've started a little wiki about the idea ( ), but we haven't really had the time to work on it other than to get it off the ground. Hopefully, I'll get some good ideas from you.

    I came in from Google when I did a search for "chook tractor" -- a fantastic idea that made me moan out loud in happiness when I read about it.

    Thanks, and keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Nathan & Family. You're quite a ways from Australia, but none the less BC is a beautiful part of the world.

    Your future plans sound worthwhile and achievable. Given we've been so fortunate to carve our little existence here, I can only congratulate you for taking your own steps towards nurturing a piece of paradise.

    Building a home can be quite challenging, but it's the nature you build around your home that will make it a success or failure.

    I wish you well on your journey of discovery and I'll visit your wiki page soon. I love seeing what people develop as they explore new approaches to old ideas.

    All the best.


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