Friday, August 28, 2015

The scoop on poop

Inspired by this post, from Bev at foodnstuff, I went looking for some links on how to reuse plastic milk cartons. There was an amazing array of ideas, but one in particular was going to solve a problem for me.

Great idea!

I needed some kind of poop scooper, much like the one I use for the cat's litter box - but I didn't want to buy one. Thanks to the link above, I was able to use a three litre milk bottle, to make a very handy tool instead.

I drew the marks on the milk carton first, then cut around it roughly with a paring knife. I was able to tidy it up with a pair of scissors, once removed from the main bottle.


As it was going to be used for cleaning the chicken nesting boxes, I didn't worry about the texta marks, left on it.

Be warned: there will contain some chicken poop in the images below:

Double laying boxes

Some of the older hens, have taken to nesting in the boxes at night, because its lower than the roosting post. This was taken several days after cleaning it. I was attempting to clean it every day, but sometimes forgot to bring up the garden gloves, or I couldn't find a stick nearby to flick them out.

As this is the preferred laying box for most of the hens, I had to come up with a solution, so I could clean it every day.

You do not want to click, to enlarge this image
~ trust me ~

The new scoop works a treat. I can use the edge (near the corner) to flick nuggets out of the nest, or I can scoop out a bunch of sawdust with the front, which is too discoloured from moisture to leave.

That's better!

Topped up with fresh wood shavings, both nest boxes are ready for business again. When I clean it daily, it takes under a minute to flick out the nuggets which have been deposited overnight. This tool is just what I needed to keep to my routine.

So thank you Bev, for sharing your milk carton planters. It helped me to solve a problem in the chicken coop, with recycling. :)


  1. Thats a great idea. We don't buy that type of milk container anymore but we have vinegar gallons that have that shape. I had used them to make chicken feeders when I had chickens and we spray paint them black if we have a cold frame. We then fill them with water for a heat sink during winter.

  2. That's a great idea for the heat sink. Especially in a snow area during winter, when you need all the warmth you can get. :)

  3. And thanks for sharing your scoop idea. I hadn't thought of that one. Great minds...... ;-)

    1. Better to find solutions with recycling, than buying something new. :)

  4. Great idea! Love finding a good re-use!

    1. Certainly indispensable in the chicken coop. I'm sure there could be plenty of applications for a tool like this. There are some great ideas in that link too.


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