Friday, July 12, 2019

Fluff 'n Stuff

The three clucker'teers!

There's nothing like motivating the building schedule, than having baby chicks, waiting in the wings. Sorry, an obvious pun. But our chicken coop should be ready for these three, to eventually migrate into. Even if renovations have just barely begun.

These chicks were freebies, due to a hatching program at the aging, care facility, David works with. They happened to be the last three. I'm not sure what breed they are, but if white leghorns, we stand a chance of getting different sexes. If they're Isa Browns, however, we got all boys! As they're a sex-linked breed with female chicks, being brown - males, white.


They receive the morning sun, which gets them up and scratching. The old guinea pig cage, has come in handy for a brooder. What is nice though, is hearing their little peeps again. I've missed having baby chicks around.

Anyway, I intend to finish migrating my last post over (from the other website) next. It's taken longer than expected, to get here. Just had a few new updates, to slip in the mix. David will be going on holidays soon, giving us the opportunity to catch-up on some projects. Then I can share some news, we've been sitting on for a while.

I've shown you the only babies, we're expecting - so it's definitely not that! LOL.


  1. That's interesting! I had no idea Isa Brown chicks were different colours in the sexes. Learn a new thing every day!

  2. My gutt instinct told me they were ALL boys. So I did some research online, and discovered the sex-link. I still think they're all boys, lol. ;)


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