Tuesday, May 21, 2019

All things compost

Over at the Gully Grove website, I've written about all our composting attempts to date. It was interesting for me to revisit where it all began, to where we ended up! If you want to read the new update, visit Compost Gully.

Just a quick update, on the comment box on my website too - Weebly has determined it's a bug, and is endeavouring to fix the "notify of reply" check-box. You can still comment, with no problems. But the tick won't appear, if you click the option to be notified of follow-up comments.


  1. Chris I added your new blog to my Blogger reading list but am not getting notified of new posts for some reason.

    1. I appreciate you putting my new blog, on your blog list. Did you use the special feed address: https://www.gullygrove.com/1/feed

      If you don't use this address, your widget cannot pick up the active feed. I've added my new blog, to the sidebar (of this blog) to see if it detects when I do an update (on the other blog). LOL. Confusing much?!?! But I won't know if it works, until I do another update.

      Thanks for letting me know you were having issues. I hope the feed address, resolves it. :)


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