Sunday, May 26, 2019

Do nothing

It's almost winter projects time, and I'm doing nothing, Well, for good reason. I promise. If you want to read more about why, check out the new blog post on my property website.

Does nature knock at your door, too?

I expect we're going to be busy this autumn/winter, catching up on some overdue projects. Summer. Heat. Drought. Need I say more, as to why we're behind? Fingers crossed, the budget will cooperate, along with our expectations. I'd really like to get a few things achieved on our list, for my birthday (come July).

But you know how it goes - expect the unexpected, lol.

Are you planning anything special, this winter? Or summer, for the northern hemisphere?


  1. One of our projects is an outdoor laundry. We're slowly making progress and hope to have it done soon. I hope your winter is a productive one.

    1. Interesting. An outside laundry. They were kinda the done thing in Australia, up till the 70's. Then they brought the municipal sewage plants out, in a big way. So indoor laundries became the norm. I bet there's a good, practical reason for having a dedicated outside laundry, for you and Dan.

  2. Hi Chris,

    I have some jobs I need to get done over winter. I want to prepare a couple of no dig beds, set up a better compost system, prune fruit trees and erect two polycarbonate greenhouses. And that is just the beginning lol! I need to work while the weather is cooler!

    We have had a bit of rain, enough to fill our rainwater tanks. So now I can water the garden with rain water rather than salty tap water. I have my fingers tightly crossed for the rain to continue over winter, as we are still quite dry here {not out of the drought yet}. We have had enough at least for the kangaroos and emus to head back to the bush as there is a bit of food and water available now.


    1. Sounds like a lot of fun projects for winter, Tania. It's actually raining here today, so not so good for going outside - but the garden loves it! Hope you get that kind of weather over winter too. It really helps boost plants, and keep the hungry native hoards away, lol. Although, the kangaroos eat here all the time now. I think it's part of the mobs' territory. They just eat less, when there's rain about.

      Not quite sure, I'd know how to deal with emus. I was actually chased by one as a youngster. We were out, walking on the beach and saw emus in the distance. Then they got closer, and closer, and we ran for the car, lol. We figured they might of had babies, and that's why they were so defensive.


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