Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Lift off

Image by IO-Images from Pixabay

Guess what folks? I was able to string enough time together, over the long weekend, to finally complete my website. YAY! If you just want the fun of exploring the new website, all on your own, visit gullygrove.com now. It's a fairly basic website (nothing too fancy) but I enjoyed putting together all the little details, which say - this is what we're all about.

If you want a bit more information, namely about the comment box, here's the brief to help navigate.

**At present, I've switched to the Weebly default comment box again. To see if Weebly can help me fix the issue. So if you don't see the "Disqus" comment box (outlined below) that's why. Sorry for any confusion this is causing. I realise Disqus may be limiting your ability to contribute, so please disregard all of the below - for now.**

I was going to use the Weebly default, comment box, but there was an issue getting the notification of replies, to work. Which is an important feature. Opting for the third-party, Disqus comment box, not only fixed that problem, but has several more advantages:

  • Sign-in with existing Google, Facebook, Twitter or Disqus, social media accounts
  • Avatar image, distinguishes your comment
  • Pre-filled data, avoids unnecessary typing, every time you comment
  • Stores all your comments, in one place - from any website, using Disqus
  • Edit or Delete your comments
  • Easily add, images, gifs, links or video to comments
  • Rich text options (like bold, italics, underline and strikethrough)
  • Receive notifications of comments and replies, via the registered email
  • Immediate publishing of comments

Don't despair, if you only wish to comment as a guest - that option is also provided. Just click inside the comment box, and tick the box, which says, "I'd rather post as a guest". See this article, for a more detailed explanation. If you opt for this, please write your name and/or your blog name (ie: Chris, or Chris@GullyGrove) so I'll recognise you. It's not necessary, but I wouldn't want to miss a regular commenter, from this blog.

The 3 main disadvantages of the guest post (must there always be a downside?) are:

  • No email notifications of subsequent replies
  • Cannot edit or delete, once posted
  • Requires moderating, before publishing (sorry about this one, but it's out of my control)

If you have any questions or concerns about the comment box, let me know. While I have disabled the captcha verification process, I'm not sure if it still requires a checkbox (as a guest) to verify you're human. As opposed to a spam bot, lol. I know that process is annoying, but I suppose it prevents spamming.

UPDATE: Due to feedback on the possibility of information being collected, using Disqus, I'm including some links to the Opt-out feature, for tracking - as well as, how to make your Activity Private. Which are added layers of protection, while using Disqus.


  1. Chris, congratulations on your new website! I love everything about it. Well done. Your mission statement is a joy to my heart. Here we are on opposite ends of the world, working toward the same thing.

    I have to admit, though, that I'm not real keen on Discus. Another collector of personal information to follow me around the web. I don't suppose there's any way around it.

    1. Thanks for sharing your feedback Leigh. On different sides of the globe, indeed, but still sharing the same purpose of collaborating with nature. Which is always great to connect with a like-mind. :)

      I'm glad you raised the issue with information collection. Disqus does have an Opt out feature. I'm not sure how this alters the commenters' experience, using the Disqus comment box - but it's nice to know there's the freedom to opt-out, if you want to. Yet still have a Disqus account, to comment.

      I will update my post to reflect this information.

      I've personally come to accept (although unwilling at first) any place I visit on the internet, is going to grab some non-identifiable information, to target me for advertising. So I make a habit to refresh my cookies, often. Google is probably the worst offender in this, yet I use my Google account to blog, and do searches, etc.

      Although I completely understand, avoiding unnecessary avenues for collection too. I will continue to look into the comment box. At this stage however, I understand the only options I have for Weebly websites, are the default comment box, Disqus and Facebook. I cannot get one aspect of the default to work properly. So I'm stuck with the other two options. At least for now.

      Thanks for being candid in your feedback. It helps me look for workarounds. :)

  2. Hi Chris, I've been to the site and love it. A great start. I tried a comment and thought I'd sign in through Facebook as I wanted to avoid Discus (after reading the comment above from Leigh) as I don't know anything about it. When I clicked the Facebook button, I got a message saying Discus would record my name, profile picture and friends list and email. I clicked 'block app' and it returns me to Facebook without letting me post. Have I misunderstood something? Can't I avoid dealing with Discus?

    1. You're doing everything right, Bev. Disqus utilises information on whatever account you've choose to sign-in with. In this case, Facebook - in order to send notifications of replies to comments, to your your nominated email address (in FB). It will also use your chosen, FB avatar image, to go alongside your comment.

      At least, that's how it works for my Google Account, I sign into Disqus with.

      You don't have to use your social media accounts, if you're not comfortable, doing so however. There's the option to create a Disqus account, by supplying an email address. Just click on the "D", and then "Need an Account" towards the bottom.

      You can choose your username, and if you want to (optional) upload an avatar image, which always appears next to your comment. Otherwise, just keep their default avatar, which is non-offensive and gender neutral.

      Thanks for asking for clarification, and for being so patient with a new process, Bev. Any other questions, just ask. :)

    2. PS: forgot to mention, thanks for the positive feedback on the site as well. Much appreciated.

  3. Your new website is looking good, Chris. I didn't read the above comments before I tried to comment on your website and clicked on Google to sign in but I couldn't find a 'publish' button to press after writing my comment so I guess it has gone into cyberspace,

    1. I'm sorry about losing your comment. The publish/submit button, should be in the lower left corner. "Post as" and then the Google account name you've selected.

      But I understand it's confusing, moving to a completely different comment box set-up. At the moment, I'm working with Weebly again, to try and fix the default comment box. It's now present (instead of Disqus) on my website. The tick doesn't appear when clicking on, "notify of new comments..." However, the service is still engaged if you click it. Terribly confusing!

      But I'll see if Weebly can help me fix this issue.


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