Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Technical difficulties

Photo by burak kostak from Pexels

Well it cannot be a true unveiling, unless something goes wrong. Like going live, with my new website today, lol. I realise the Disqus comment box is becoming an issue, so I've reverted to the Weebly default comment box, - in hopes Weebly will help me fix it again. Doing what I can behind the scenes, but I'm waiting for their feedback. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

You can actually make a comment successfully, using the default. But the checkbox which says, "Notify me of new comments..." doesn't apply a tick, when clicked. Even though the service will be engaged, if you click it once. It's terribly confusing.

I'm just going to be good humoured about it all, and chalk it up to a learning experience. So folks, you're free to still visit my site - it's live. You can even comment via the default comment box, without any unnecessary hoops to jump through to sign in. Just a name, email and optional website address. But you may get confused when it comes to checking the "Notify me of new comments" box.

I'll post updates, as they come. Hoping the default can be fixed. But for now, thanks for your patience folks.


  1. Ooooops ! I'm using my tablet and didn't scroll down far enough to see comment section....so here you go another test comment to see if it works the way you expect ☺

  2. Thanks for attempting to test the comments, M. But the problem I was experiencing, was from the comment box on my new property website. This one work, just fine. Thank goodness!!

    You can still comment on my new websites', blog posts. It just won't tick the checkbox, in the notifications for replies. I'm having it looked into, by my website hosting company. :)


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